The Essential Guide to Everything Hamptons

With all of the fanfare surrounding the land of the rich and famous, people get so excited upon arrival in the Hamptons amid the tree-lined roads, beachfront mansions, and local farm markets. But, where do you go to get a bagel? Take a Pilates class? Cater in? Even Hamptons lifetimers don’t always know where the best dog park is. With scores of tourists and new homeowners every year, we need a guidebook to the Hamptons!

And now we have one: The Hamptons Lifesaver, by Tracey Holmes

We stumbled upon this little book that is chock-full of information about where to go and what to do in the Hamptons. It maps out a plethora of options, which will inevitably help you understand why people have been coming back for generations. Discover the charming, historical villages, beaches and bays, farm stands, beauty salons, vineyards, restaurants, sports and recreation, and so much more. The book also shares a little drive through the Hamptons rich American history that gave me a new perspective, and I’ve been summering in the Hamptons all my life. Did you know that Bridgehampton was originally named Bullhead? Its settlers started the community at the head of Sagg Pond and in 1686 a bridge was built connecting Mecox with Sagaponack, which caused the town’s name to change from Bullhead to Bridgehampton. This is a fabulous cocktail chat factoid!

The author’s brother-in-law, Paddy South, also shares his ten true but hilarious “rules” of the Hamptons so you don’t look and act like a tourist. To whet your appetite, take a peek at rule No. 3:

Do not use your cell phone in public. It’s annoying and no one wants to hear you shout about your plans for the next 24 hours over the person next to you who is shouting about their latest medical procedure over the person next to them babbling on about their latest lawsuit or real estate victory. None of us want to hear it. No-one cares!

So, go and enjoy a fabulous summer fundraiser soirée, listen to the waves and the seagulls, enjoy the many vineyards and restaurants and still know where to have your clothes dry cleaned. Have a spectacular summer in paradise. 

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