Most Important Room in the House

As we’ve seen in recent years, bathroom vanities have not only become important for necessary function and storage, but have grown into a focal point or signature piece for the bathroom. Bathrooms convey a clear message about the owner’s lifestyle and taste, giving a glimpse into what makes them tick. 

Modular, floating, built-in: what’s your preference? Social Life sat down with Leslie Eastwood, the marketing manager for James Martin Vanities, to learn tips on how to find the perfect vanity that reflects the character of your own inner diva.

What can you tell us about the differences in designing a guest bath, powder room, or master bath?

Powder rooms are often small half baths, so there is no need to store items like bath towels, shampoos, and other toiletries. If you install a medicine cabinet, you may be fine with a pedestal sink; however, that will typically be the only storage in the space. 

In a guest or hall bathroom that might be used by guests, the vanity should be large enough to contain clutter and hold daily bathing essentials, but not have so much storage that everything gets thrown in and misplaced. Drawers instead of cabinets are suggested to contain and organize toiletries.

The master bathroom should be a tranquil oasis and allow you to retreat and relax from your busy day. Many homeowners want to create a spa-like environment to unwind. The style of the vanity should complement the furnishings in the bedroom, but it doesn’t have to match.

Talk to us about standard or wall mounting.

Free-standing is your best option for maximum storage space. This style of vanity is most often a furniture-style that gives you the opportunity to show your own flair and taste. Vanities made from composite wood just are not cutting it anymore. What’s in demand now are vanities made from real wood and other durable materials that will stand the test of time. 

Most wall-mounted vanities hang or float on the wall. This style looks more contemporary and can open up a small bathroom, but still allow for ample storage. Wall-mounted vanities have been popular in Europe for many years and are now gaining popularity in the U.S. 

How can someone customize a vanity?

Vanity bases come in a variety of materials, including glass, metal, and wood (the most common option). The style you choose will need to coordinate with your base. Glass and metal are typically seen as modern and contemporary, while wood can be used in a variety of styles. If you really want to show off your unique style and flair, you can customize your top. The most popular materials are marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, and solid-surface, but more rustic and industrial looks are in as well. Keep in mind that polished stone finishes are durable and easy to clean.

Most important, try to achieve a clean look in your bathroom and keep it simple. There are so many new vanity trends out there these days. You want to choose a vanity that shows your charm and elegance, but will also last through the ages. 

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