One of the best parts for me about the weather warming up is I’m much more inclined to get outside and move. Whether that’s taking the scenic route to work, walking a couple of more blocks around Manhattan, or hitting the treadmill for double the run time, spring just makes it all feel a little bit easier. Our winter this year was a tough one, so let’s enjoy this season to the fullest. Here’s a helpful hint for you that helps me keep my “eyes on the prize” so I can look and feel my best come swimsuit time.  Think about the word “forward” and what that means to you. It doesn’t necessarily mean the future, but everything you do points you in that direction. So why not make each step a positive one toward achieving a bigger goal that you have set for yourself? I think about my current fitness routine and how today’s workout will push me forward to that goal. Trust the process and know that each step you take is indeed moving you forward to your better self . . . in the future!  With the temperature finally above freezing, I added a daily outside run on top of my weight training program. It was the perfect way to knock out two birds with one stone — get some cardio and enjoy the weather! For me, it’s not about the distance of my run or the intensity of the location I choose. It’s about connecting with myself in an hour long session every day, to zone out and get myself moving. Since this addition, I have noticed I am in a better mood and have improved mental clarity throughout the day. Not only does it help me wake up, but I am in a much happier state of mind when I do. I am better able to deal with the hustle and bustle that makes up New York City. Suddenly, that delayed MTA train doesn’t seem so bad! I also noticed, after allowing myself ample time to cool down and stretch after a run, that my mobility drastically increased as well. Everyday activities didn’t seem to stress me as much as they used to. Trust me, I am not a runner and don’t claim to be one. I’d much rather throw dumbbells around in a gym! But I do enjoy this time to myself. Running allows me to reconnect on a mind-soul kind of level, rather than the mind-muscle connection I’m so familiar with in the gym.  So pick one thing that will get you off your couch and out of your comfort zone and get moving! I promise, whatever addition you make to your day, no matter how big or how small, will help you spring forward. Remember, every step counts. But those steps have to be now, because the best version of yourself is waiting for you. Josey Greenwell @joseygreenwell