List your home

List your property for rent at Hamptons Life for only $199 for a full year. This is a limited time offer expiring February 25, 2019.

Hamptons Life is the premier vacation and rental listing website just for the Hamptons. We connect tenants and renters directly to homeowners in the Hamptons. We do not take payments or bookings. We generate the leads and requests for you to speak or email with the customers directly. Giving the homeowner the power to determine whether they would like to rent their home or not. Being able to correspond to potential renters is essential before committing to a rental. Most importantly, being able to arrange payment method your way! Many have experienced other booking websites holding back payments, not paying, or chargeback issues. Be free from this stress as you control the transaction on your terms. A small investment can go a long way with our one-time low-rate offer of $199 for a one year listing.

The Hamptons Life website has a direct marketing strategy. Our website marketing initiative mostly targets the tri-state area including New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Most potential customers and renters live in the tri-state area and vacation on the East End of Long Island. It’s in this area we advertise and create an active public relations campaign, which drives an extensive traffic of customers to our site.